Meet the great team of privilège

Great things start with passion.

Designing and outfitting your personal Privilège is an especially inspiring experience. Get to know our Privilège experts and discover how your individual ideas can be refined into excellence on your new Privilège. Our proficient Privilege network supports you in every step and beyond.

Sales co-ordinator

Performance and planning

Interior joiner

woodworker since 2006

Composite team animator since 2014

Interior specialist since 2015

Marketing and Communication

Eric Darni

A meeting with Eric Darni, skipper of Privilège

Régis Picart

CFO since 2018

Freddy Michaud

COO since 2018

Head of Customer Service since 2012

Gilles Wagner

CEO of Privilège Marine since 2012

Isabelle Doux

Head of HR since 2015

Bernard Voisin

Technical manager since 1988