Expertise and experience

Expertise does not come about on its own, it is built up over time !

Marc Lombard, renowned architect with an historic connection to Privilège, is in constant relation with the PRIVILÈGE MARINE R&D team on research, development and services, for example:

  • Optimisation of space and accommodation needs
  • Balance of weight and strength
  • Management of electrical installations, plumbing, mechanics and electronics
  • Efficient deck layout with reliable equipment and fittings
  • Quality control and monitoring at every stage of build
  • Launch, commissioning, sea-trial and delivery of every Privilège sold

The GRP section and the construction department are led by experts constantly seeking to improve and expand their knowledge.

Also, the wood work is part of our culture, and we propose a choice of fine finishes in maple, oak or cherry. A highly qualified and multi-skilled team supervises the fabrication and assembly of the whole Privilège range up to final delivery.

PRIVILÈGE MARINE has a close passionate and expert team who create the best sailing experience and dealer service for all our owners.