MyMoody Safety CloudPioneering technology for better service and maximum safety

Moody yachts combine elegance, speed, safety and state-of-the-art navigation electronics. With the MyMoody Safety Cloud, Moody remains true to its motto and sets new standards.

Live data – Simple, practical, live

With Boat Monitoring, the eLogBook and the eServiceBook, you can monitor your yacht, keep a logbook and track service intervals via your smartphone or the Owner Area on the website. And that's not all. Further practical applications are already planned for implementation with Sentinel Marine Solutions, the market leader in networked boat technology.

Always availableThe Cloud for your Moody yacht

All new Moody yachts are fitted with the MyMoody Safety Cloud hardware directly by the yard. It is connected to the on-board electronics and communicates worldwide via mobile phone networks. If your yacht is offshore, the data is stored and immediately processed when you return to mobile phone coverage. No data is lost. For older Moody yachts, a MyMoody Safety Cloud retrofit package is available via the web shop or from your Moody dealer.

Boat monitoring – Everything at an easy glance

Smart boat monitoring allows you, the owner, full access to all important data. At any time and from any location. Functions such as position and collision messages, motion and anchor alarms as well as ground fault and bilge alarms reliably inform you whether everything is well on board. A push message tells you when the weather changes, the tank needs to be filled or the battery charged. Any break-ins are also reported immediately. If the yacht has been chartered, the skipper can log into the system via a guest account.

eLogBook – Log book taken care of

Whether you’re on a short cruise or a long trip, the eLogBook automatically logs every mile sailed. It records your ground track, course and position and archives the information so that you can access it at any time. The data can be used to create complete documentation of all your voyages, perfectly reconstruct accidents or give you the day’s top speed at the end of a passage.

eServiceBook – Thought of everything

How many hours has the yacht sailed? How many hours has it motored? When was the last time the seacocks and anodes were checked? And how old is the Saildrive cuff? The eServiceBook has it all covered. Because the app calculates and knows all service intervals of all the yacht’s parts. If something needs servicing, you will receive a push message on your smartphone. You can also use the app to arrange a maintenance appointment directly with your dealer. Your service booklet is always up to date and your yacht is always maintained in perfect sale condition.