Moody Aft Cockpit 41 is crossing the atlantic 

Fishy tales and the late Shrove Tuesday - More on that later, first of all the normal stuff.


The wind is still blowing steadily from the ENE about 18/20kts so the boat speed is good and once again the sailing in these conditions is unbeatable. Slightly more cloud today but plenty of blue sky and sun to go with it. Our noon to noon run was 175nm leaving us with a DTG of 1155nm to Antigua. Should be under the 1000nm mark tomorrow.


Imagine being on watch at night by yourself taking in the night sky and enjoying the sound of the water rushing past when a fish jumps out of the water, hits the sail, bounces off the sprayhood and lands on the deck just beside you, that's what happened to our skipper on his watch last night. To say he jumped out of his skin is a bit of an understatement but he is now sleeping with the light on. I have never seen a 2ft flying fish but apparently they exist!! To make matters worse Chris was promptly attacked by another two on his watch that landed in the cockpit. The rumor on board is that Chris and Phil are going to share the night watches from now on as the Atlantic is a scary and dangerous place at night by yourself !!


We missed Pancake Day last week but Phil's wife Di in her wisdom had hidden a packet of Aunt Bessies pancake mix aboard that only came to light at the weekend. We decided to make today our pancake day and had our pancakes after lunch. Not only was the pancake mix found but also a jar of Nutella Chocolate spread. Thanks Di and Aunt Bessie - you would not believe how these things can become the focal point of the day.


The smells coming fromt he galley right now are inviting - Master chef Chris is cooking dinner tonight so more on that tomorrow. Film night again tonight.


From all aboard MF good evening and may your winds blow in the right direction.


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