The marriage of the new Moody DS 54 

The deck is mounted on the new Moody DS 54 - a process known as the "marriage" among boat builders

The long-awaited moment is finally here and the joining of the hull and the deck is complete: this important step is known as the "marriage" among boat builders!

In the weeks leading up to the marriage, the builders were hard at work on the interior construction of the new Moody DS 54. The engine, tanks, electrics and, last but not least, the furniture were installed.

With a tradition spanning almost 100 years, Moody yachts are the epitome of luxurious blue water cruising yachts. They offer outstanding quality and are equipped with sophisticated technology, which allows you to relax on board and simply enjoy the experience. Moody deck saloon yachts focus on luxurious living on one level. Hand crafting and selected materials are at the heart of each new Moody. Safety and seaworthiness are guaranteed.

The Moody deck saloon yachts are a real specialty with regard to design. The Bill Dixon design with distinctive structure, large windows and a 360 degree view combine design and functionality with a unique and comfortable sense of wellbeing. The closed deck saloon is suitable for both hot and colder climates, as it offers protection from wind, weather or sun. In conjunction with a well-protected cockpit area, the Moody DS 54 is the perfect choice for any sailor, who spends lots of time on the water.

The premiere date for the "boot 2014" in Düsseldorf set for January next year is closing in – so find out more about the Moody DS 54 from your trusted Moody dealer or on our website!

The countdown has begun…

Your Moody Boats Team

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