State-of-the-art bluewater yacht Moody DS54 in the top four at ARC+. 

At the 30th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - ARC+, the Moody DS54 "Mojeka" took second and forth place in the two parts in Group B. The yacht crossed the Atlantic from Las Palmas via the Cape Verde Islands and reached the Caribbean island of St. Lucia after 3125 nautical miles.

The blue water trip across the Atlantic, only interrupted by one thundery front, was extremely pleasant for the sailors. It´s no wonder, as the Moody DS54 is equipped with all the luxuries we know from home. For independence in tropical regions, the deck saloon yacht is also provided with a generator, solar panels and a water maker.

The excellent positioning also shows that a comfortably equipped Moody DS54 can always hold its own, even without a gennaker or spinnaker! "When we crossed the finish line, it was clear that this unique sailing experience was made possible more by our wonderful ship than us", the proud Atlantic crossers stated at the final destination in St. Lucia.

Finally, a hint to all who are going to escape the European winter by travelling to Thailand: Moody will be present at the Phuket boat show from 7th to 10th of January.

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