Moody goes green - hybrid drive for the Moody DS45 

In a climate where our awareness of nature and the need to protect it is increasing, Moody is now taking a step towards a green future - the Moody DS45 with hybrid drive!

The hybrid drive combines a 55 kW diesel engine with a 15 kW electric engine. In addition to the high-performance electric travel drive, this means that there is also enough power for a wide range of comfort functions, such as electric cooking facilities and using 230V appliances, right through to air conditioning. The focus during development was on the redundant design of both drive types to ensure that there were no restrictions in the failsafe performance of the yacht.

The hybrid system is tailored towards environmentally-aware, comfort-orientated owners as a target group. Providing sufficient shore power is available on the mooring, practically diesel-free yacht operation when entering and leaving the port is guaranteed.

For high performance requirements on longer trips under engine (upstream or against the wind), the system is not restricted, as the conventional diesel drive can be used and the 230V on-board power supply is recharged at the same time - with energy comfort just like at home.

Further information is available from your trusted Moody dealer or at:

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