Experience the new Moody 54 DS first-hand - videotrailer and images are now on the webpage 

With immediate effect next to the image video and the pictures, a guided video tour through the breathtaking Moody 54 DS is now online. Our Head of Product Marketing leads you through all the details of this extraordinary yacht and gives you an informative and deep insight view that makes your curiosity continue to grow - see for yourself!

The unique Moody deck saloon concept of "Living on one Level" is also being implemented consistently in the new model. Hand crafting and selected materials are at the heart of each new Moody. Attention to detail is the key to success for this model. Safety and seaworthiness combined with good sailing characteristics is our promise. The closed deck saloon is equally suited to both hot and colder climates, as it offers protection from wind, weather and sun. Combined with a protected cockpit area, the new Moody DS 54 makes the perfect choice for any sailor who spends lots of time on the water.

Enjoy the impressions and let the pictures speak for themselves!

The Moody marketing team wishes you lots of fun!

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