One of the world's oldest yacht-buildersSetting quality standards since 1827

Living in southern England in the early 19th century, skipper John Moody developed a considerable talent for repairing his fishing boat. As more and more of his colleagues approached him with requests to service their craft, Moody decided to embark on a new career, and in 1827, he set up a repair yard for fishing boats in Swanwick, near Southampton. The company built small dinghies on the side – laying the foundation stone that would lead tofor the manufacturing of leisure boats many years later.

The "Vindilis" – 1935

It was the founder's grandson, Alexander Herbert Moody, who completed the transition from repairs to manufacturing one hundred years later. Having been trained in shipbuilding from an early age, he started to produce elegant sailing yachts – an enterprise that has endured to this day. Alexander insisted that only boats 'of the highest quality' be allowed to leave his shipyard. He was true to his word with his first sailing yacht, the Vindilis, designed by T. Harrison Butler.

Legendary yachtsThe company's rise to become a cult European brand

The "Solar 40" – 1965

The Solar 40 was the first GRP yacht to be produced by the Moody shipyard. Cruising sailors were quick to praise its long-distance sailing performance and high level of comfort. With naval architects such as Laurent Giles, Angus Primrose and Bill Dixon on board, the shipyard grew into a leading European yacht manufacturer.

The Moody family pledged that their shipyard would use only the most skilled workmanship and the finest materials for their highly exclusive yachts.

The "Carbineer 46" – 1969

This was the first deck saloon yacht that the Moody shipyard ever built. From the London Boat Show to the Lloyd’s Trophy, Moody walked away with numerous awards and continued to extend its lead in terms of quality with cutting-edge design techniques.

The "Swan Dancer" – 1970

The Swan Dancer deck saloon was the last wooden yacht that Moody built.

The "Moody 44" – 1972

The Moody 44 was the first yacht to bear the founder's name. It took three years to develop and build.

The "Aft Cockpit" – 2009

Moody brought sailing tradition into the modern era with the Aft Cockpit series. It combined a classic flat superstructure with the comfortable handling and exclusive on-board luxury that was by now expected.

The new Moody eraAuthentic, exquisitely elegant deck saloon yachts

Based on the values of Alexander Moody – only the highest quality – and inspired by great classics such as Carbineer and Swan Dancer, Moody occupies a unique platform in the boatbuilding world today, devoting itself to cultivating the last word in the deck saloon principle. The saloon and cockpit form an interconnected living space bearing all the hallmarks of comfort and luxury. All Moody boats feature a limitless panoramic view and maximum natural light. This means that there is more space below deck for luxury cabins, which are truly deserving of the name. Deck saloon yachts – to this day, nobody encapsulates the concept in a more luxurious, efficient and reliable way than Moody - the company that launched it.

The Deck Saloon 45 – 2008

The era of new deck saloon yachts began with the Moody DS45. Featuring modern lines, an extra-high coaming, single-level living and luxurious spaces full of intricate details, this sailing philosophy is still ahead of the curve.

The Deck Saloon 54 – 2012

The Moody DS54 takes the deck saloon feeling to a whole new level – offering maximum comfort for long voyages. It features four double cabins, three bathrooms and a state-of-the-art sail plan – swift, luxurious sailing does not get any better than this.

The Deck Saloon 41 2019

The concept of living on a single level has never been more rigorously implemented than in the Deck Saloon 41. There is not a step to separate the interior from the cockpit. The elegant deckhouse featuring 360° panoramic glazing makes you feel as if you are living in the lap of luxury. Enjoy some wonderful times in port, and take comfort from knowing that you will be safe and well protected whatever the weather when you are at sea. Notice the combination of innovative design and craftsmanship born of experience and precision in every detail. Welcome to the Moody DS41.