The X-tra in sportiness 

Even from a distance, the big "X" attracts attention. The Moody DS54 "X-Bionic" immediately catches the eye with its sporty design. This is the intention of the Swiss clothing brand of the same name, which has made the Moody DS54 its brand ambassador. "X-Bionic" is synonymous with high-tech sportswear, and the strikingly designed yacht is intended to help them conquer the water sports sector.

"In order to understand the requirements of water sports clothing in cold and wet conditions, we have invested in a Moody yacht. It is unique and equipped with future-oriented technologies - just like our products. With this boat, we want to attract attention, arouse emotions and be able to cover long distances comfortably," explains business development manager Sabrina Salvadori.

The "X-Bionic Yacht Club" was created around the boat, and is intended to give even new sailors access to the sport. She regularly takes part in regattas, especially in the Mediterranean. This year the "Vela Cup" is on the agenda, a regatta that runs from Naples via Sicily to Venice in October. We wish the Yacht Club every success!

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