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Covering letter

Tell us why you are applying for that particular position, why you are suitable for it and what it is about HanseYachts AG that interests you.


Your short CV should provide a concise overview of your personal and professional life to date. We are especially interested in your academic and professional background.


In particular, we would like to know about your most recent academic accomplishments. If you already have references from employers, please submit them along with your application. If you have any other certificates for qualifications that could be relevant to your new job role, feel free to submit those as well.

Contact method

Please choose the method (e-mail, telephone, post) by which you would prefer us to contact you.

Ulteriori domande riguardo alle offerte di lavoro? Non esitare a contattarci! Puoi raggiungere i nostri interlocutori del reparto risorse umane dal lunedì al giovedì dalle 09:00 alle 16:00 e venerdì dalle 09:00 alle 14:00 oppure per e-mail.

Interlocutore: Manfred Floto

HanseYachts AG

Ladebower Chaussee 11

17493 Greifswald

Tel.: +49 (0)3834-5792-20



Manfred Floto | HanseYachts AG