Breaking rules, setting trends – since 1990:

Hanse Yachts has raised the bar with continually new innovations: we have made sailing easier, faster and more comfortable than ever.

Our clear dedication to the needs of our customers for modern sailing has made us one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-seas sailing yachts. And we will continue unabated to ensure that sailing with Hanse Yachts is one of the most pleasurable free time experiences you’ll ever have.

Discover how it all began:

Yacht model highlight photos 2017–2018

Hanse Yachts launches four new models:

The Hanse 348, Hanse 388, Hanse 418 and Hanse 548. They are presented for the first time in Cannes.

Hanse customizing:

All the models amaze with their even greater cozy living atmosphere, a highly modern interior with a diverse range of trendy colors and new, elegant woods.

At the same time, the yachts score with an even roomier cockpit, stylish lines, an enlarged sailing area and a safer, faster performance.

Emotion rudder drive equipped on Hanse 315

Innovation by Hanse Yachts:

In 2016, Hanse Yachts launched into e-mobility and was the first to bring a production yacht, the Hanse 315, with the Rudder Drive e-motion drive to the Hanseboot in Hamburg.

Hanse 315 voted European Yacht of the Year in the category Family Cruiser. The jury was convinced by its perfect combination of modern design, amazing performance, easy handling, high number of individualization options at a moderate price.

World premiere in Cannes:

The new Hanse 588 follows from the renowned Hanse 575. It offers a twin forestay as standard, a carbon-reinforced T-top and the Hanse innovation Silent Master Cabin, which dampens bothersome noises to guarantee superb peace and quiet. The cabin is outfitted with special noise insulation and all the pumps and systems are outside the cabin.

Yacht model highlight photos 2015–2016

The one for all colors of life

The new Hanse 315. The yacht is available as desired with wheel or tiller steering. It is nominated European Yacht of the Year.

With the new flagship, the Hanse 675, the first Hanse model with a carbon-reinforced T-top goes into series manufacture.

Hanse 455 owners enjoy diving into water from bathing platform

Launch of the new Hanse 455

It continues the concept of individualization without compromise and is introduced to the market with three keels and a high number of layout variants.

It amazes with the largest cockpit in its class and offers an optional sun lounge as a special extra on the cabin superstructure in front of the mast.

Hanse 575 sails into Australian port

World premiere in Cannes

The Hanse 505 sets new standards in its class when it comes to comfort, performance and number of options for individualization.

Down Under

In December 2013, the 100th Hanse 575 is sold to Australia.

Hanse 415 easy sailing graphic

Innovation by HanseYachts:

HanseYachts perfects its Easy Sailing Concept and offers a cockpit which is completely free of all ropes in the Hanse 345, once again as the first yard for series manufacture. All the ropes are guided to the helm. This makes the Hanse 345 perfect for sailing alone – comfortably and easily.

World premiere of the Hanse 575 in Amsterdam

As the first yard for series manufacture, Hanse Yachts offers a yacht in the Hanse 575 which stows the tender in a space-saving way lengthwise in the boat.

The Hanse 415, launched in 2011, is voted European Yacht of the Year in the category Family Cruiser by a jury of experts.

Made in Germany since 1990 banner

Hanse 385

The first Hanse 385 is launched and sets sail for the boat shows in Scandinavia just a short time after on its own keel.

In Dusseldorf, the new Hanse 415 is presented for the first time.

Innovation by HanseYachts:

HanseYachts pushes forward the trend to LED and, together with lamp designers, develops the Hanse Smart Lighting Concept. Various light sources (indirect lighting in the ceiling of the saloon, atop cupboards, in the bow or on the floor) create the perfect overall lighting atmosphere. The concept is available for the models Hanse 385, Hanse 415, Hanse 445, Hanse 495 and Hanse 545.

HanseYachts develops the Hanse Smart Mooring System. This enables the yachts to be easily maneuvered in narrow harbors via joystick. The system is introduced in series at the beginning of the 2011/2012 model year in the Hanse 445 and Hanse 495.

The last Hanse 400 leaves the yard. With a course of 6,000 sea miles to Brazil, it takes on the longest delivery voyage in its class on its own keel. It marks the end of the successful Hanse 400 capital and lends a special, honorable touch to the closure.


The new models Hanse 325 and Hanse 355 replace the older Hanse 320 and Hanse 350.

In autumn 2010 in Southampton, the successor of the Hanse 430, the Hanse 445, is launched.


Premiere of the Hanse 375

The yacht is presented for the first time at the Tuborg Boat Show in Denmark and amazes visitors with its enlarged cockpit, an optional second wheel, a sunlit saloon with excellent ventilation, and outstanding performance.

World premiere in Holland too

At the HISWA in IJmouden, HanseYachts presents the new Hanse 545. Visitors are amazed by the yacht’s spaciousness and its solid, innovative construction which guarantees fast, easy and safe sailing.


The yacht models Hanse 320, Hanse 350 and Hanse 400 receive a major facelift. The model names remain unchanged.


The entire range is put on display at boot Dusseldorf: the Hanse 630e as the largest boat, the Hanse 320 and Hanse 350, the further developments of the Hanse 315 and Hanse 342 models. Each present the new exterior language and interior design.

Best performance:

The SY Frühstücksdirektor sails at the 2007 Baltic Sprint Cup and is the first to cross the finish line at every stage of the race. It takes first place in the overall ranking and is the fastest yacht by far. Also, on board are Jörn Bock, Ralf Moser and Jan Dabelstein.

HanseYachts continues its presence in the regatta scene in April 2008. For the crew of the Minnic, the yard develops a cruise-racer yacht based on the Hanse 430e: the Hanse 430e competition. It scores with 20 per cent more sailing area and 1.5 metric tons less weight, without compromising outstanding stability and an optimized deck layout.

The owner, Eiken Albers, and his high-calibre crew – Ralph Moser, Jörn Bock, Stefan Matschuk, Rasmus Pichler, Timo Jacobs, Jan Dabelstein and Jörn Dierks – successfully participate in the most renowned regattas in the Mediterranean.


Making a splash with sportiness

At the start of 2006, the Hanse 430 is launched. It is a yacht with fast lines and a sporty open stern.

The Hanse 400e, the epoxy version of the Hanse 400, is awarded as European Yacht of the Year.

Hanse sets its sights high

Leveraging its huge expertise and spirit for innovation, the yard builds the world's largest series-manufactured yacht to date: the Hanse 630e. With it, Hanse launches the first intelligent hinged armature system in series manufacture.

With the launch of the Hanse 470e and Hanse 540e, Hanse now offers eight innovative and modern yacht models after just ten years on the market.


A new, confident appearance

HanseYachts now dons its striking logo with the brand’s typical wave.

The yard makes waves at the autumn trade show with the presentation of the Hanse 315, Hanse 370 and Hanse 400. All in all, HanseYachts now offers a range of six models: the Hanse 315, Hanse 342, Hanse 370, Hanse 400, Hanse 461 and Hanse 531.

The Hanse 461 wins the coveted special award Europe’s Most Innovative Yacht, within the vote for the European Yacht of the Year, at boot Dusseldorf.

Innovation by HanseYachts continues:

The yard caters even more closely to customers’ desires by offering them the chance to customize their dream boat. After many ideas and trials, HanseYachts announces the solution: its Individual Cabin Concept. It enables series-manufactured yachts to be individualized to a maximum. Thanks to intelligent technology and exceptional know-how, customers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to the interior design of their personal yacht.

The new Hanse 400 is available in 80 different variants, for instance. And together with the Hanse 370, it is the first series-manufactured yacht with a steep stem. This provides a longer water line and the typical Hanse performance.



Easy, safe sailing

The Hanse Easy Sailing Concept enjoys increasing popularity among sailing enthusiasts and is continually enhanced. The yard focuses on the evolution of the typical Hanse, clear contour language and subsequently launches the Hanse 342 on the market. Likewise, constructed of brand-new epoxy, the Hanse 461 perfectly complements the Hanse 411 and the flagship Hanse 531 which are also offered in an epoxy construction.

The models Hanse 311, later the Hanse 312, Hanse 411 and Hanse 371 receive a high-quality, modern facelift. The saloon of the Hanse 411 and Hanse 371 is fitted out with a cozy atmosphere thanks to comfortable chairs. The map table not only serves as the navigation hub, it is also integrated into the room concept. Together with a one-rope reefing system, the yachts are even family-friendlier, both above and below deck.


The first series-manufactured yacht over 50 feet

A jury, consisting of the eleven most significant European water sport magazines, votes for the Hanse 341 as the first-place winner and the Hanse 311 as the second-place winner of the renowned Yacht of the Year award, honored at boot Dusseldorf.

The largest project to date, the flagship Hanse 531 is launched and is presented with success to an amazed audience at the trade shows in Geneva and Hamburg. The Hanse 531 is the first series-manufactured yacht whose interior is based on the loft design by Birgit Schnaase.


HanseYachts reinforces its position on the market

Extensive investments are made in new machine-based technologies and manufacturing plants. In this financial year, the Hanse 300 and Hanse 311 receive a completely refurbished and modern, high-gloss interior.


Hanse 411 & Hanse 341

In 2001, HanseYachts brings out the Hanse 411, another successful yacht extending over 40 feet. The Hanse 341 is also launched, likewise featuring a new construction in collaboration with judel/vrolijk & co.


The turn of the century sees the launch of the Hanse 311, designed by the renowned yacht construction office judel/vrolijk & co. The yachts Hanse 311 and Hanse 331 are named European Yacht of the Year, while the Hanse 371 DS takes second place.


The first new development:

judel/vrolijk & co, one of the world’s best construction and yacht design offices, realizes the Hanse DNA perfectly: fast, beautiful, innovative yachts which score both on long haul voyages and in regattas.

The first in-house new development, the Hanse 371, is born. Its characteristics become the Hanse trademark: a modern, elegant contour language, a functional design, fast lines and a particularly special atmosphere of well-being.

The Hanse 371 is honored as European Yacht of the Year. Together with the Hanse 401, it is the first yacht on the market to be series manufactured with a high-gloss finish. With the Hanse 371, the gray cast iron / lead keel is integrated into a further series-manufactured model.


The Hanse 301 is the successor of the Hanse 291

It is longer, wider and has a completely new interior. The keel of the Hanse 292 is also laid down at this time. With its new interior offering a spacious atmosphere and open bow area, it convinces sailing experts and enthusiasts alike.

In 1998, the Hanse 292 wins the coveted European Yacht of the Year award.

The first Hanse over 40-feet long:

Construction of the first large Hanse begins at the yard, the Hanse 401. Based on the successful and beautifully designed Bianca 420, it amazes enthusiasts with its new stern and new, modern interior, among others.



Just a year after the first world premiere, another Hanse yacht goes into series manufacture, the Hanse 331. It is based on the Finngulf 33, and in 1994 was introduced to an amazed audience at the boat show in Hamburg.


World premiere of the first Hanse yacht:

In 1993, the yard created its first sensation with the presentation of the first series-manufactured yacht, the Hanse 291, at the International Hamburg Boat Show. The foundation for the yard’s story of success – breaking rules, setting trends – is laid.

With a yacht based on the Aphrodite 29 by the renowned Scandinavian designer Carl Baier. It is comfortable, completely fitted out with oiled teak, features the best sailing characteristics and is the first series-manufactured yacht with a self-tacking jib. At an unbeatable price of 44,444 German Marks, it is the absolute bestseller in Germany as well as in all of Europe, North America, Australia and Southeast Asia.


Hanse Yachts’ modern boatyard is built. It draws on the expertise of the former Greifswald Shipyard, with its long tradition of craftsmanship and deep pool of skilled labor.

before 1989

The shipyard and boat building in Greifswald look back over a centuries-old tradition:

In the 1980s. Greifswald Shipyard (formerly VEB Boots- und Reparaturwerft) launches its last newly-built sailing yacht.

1971. The ship repair business of the VEB Boots- und Reparaturwerft gets under way as an offshoot of the publicly owned Volkswerft Stralsund (People’s Yard of Stralsund). The Greifswald yard specializes in repair work, subcontracting and the production of consumer goods.

1953. The old Buchholz yard is nationalized by the East German authorities and becomes VEB Boots- und Reparaturwerft.

1911. Richard Buchholz buys the only Greifswald yard to survive the decline of trading under sail. Over the following 40 years, he builds it back up. Parts of his shipyard can still be seen today on the site of the Greifswald Museum Harbor.

1810. That master of German romantic landscape painting, Caspar David Friedrich, looks out over the water from today’s Hanse Yachts yard as he paints the ships lying in the port of Greifswald. His paintings, now highly valued, preserve to this day the importance of shipping and shipbuilding in the city.

1310 to 1363. The heyday of the Hanseatic League saw the city of Greifswald flourish. Its first mention as a member of the League came in 1278, and it remains known as an important Hanseatic city, dedicated to shipping and boat building.

Early 13th century. Salt workers founded a settlement around the Eldena monastery, from which Greifswald emerged. Traces of the salt pans that they worked can still be seen on the Hanse Yachts site today.