Hanse 545 "Twelve Moons" on the podium

n November 20th 2011 was again ARC Time in Gran Canaria. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the largest cruising regatta in the world from Gran Canaria to St. Lucia over 2700 nautical miles, was started in a good breeze. For 217 crews an exciting atlantic crossing started. Among them, as every year, of course some Hanses.
At the starting line the Hanse 545 "Twelve Moons" with a German crew led by skipper and owner Stefan Schollmayer, the Hanse 370e, "Fry Flyt" by Ingvar Solem from Norway, a Hanse 470 "Luna Bay" by Khaled Zourray from France and the Hanse 470e " Pua Vida 6 "by Antonio Sotilla from Spain.
For some teams, the ARC is not so much an real sporty regatta, but in the different classes ambitious racing is the main topic.
This also applies to Stefan Schollmayer and his crew on the "Twelve Moons", a Hanse 545. In the Cruising Division with 138 participants “Twelve Moons” sailed to an impressive 3rd place! In its Class A Division "Twelve Moons" came to a second over all ! We at Hanse congratulate the skipper and his crew.
Here is a short review of skipper:
"We had a stressless atlantic crossing and represented Hanse in the resultlist very well. Over all, we are 3rd of 138 boats in the Cruising Division. In our group Division A we are 2nd We have been beaten only by a Danish professional crew on a 55-foot yacht, which had a total of 4 spinnakers blown out.
We needed 15 days for the 3080 nautical miles with an average of 8.5 knots. No 24-hour etmal under 200 miles!
The boat makes a solid impression, the sailing qualities are impressive as well, with its equipment it is certainly a few tons heavier than the standard.
On 8th of January we sail furtheron to Panama and taking part at the world ARC around the globe. Best wishes and Merry Christmas.”
Stefan Schollmayer

Results: www.worldcruising.com