The courage to think outside the box, the will to simply do things differently, and the conviction that this is right – these are the values which makes HANSE yachts the most innovative and well-conceived yachts on the market.


HANSE Fast Crusing

At home on every sea
Designed by judel/vrolijk & co, the world’s best and most experienced yacht designers, HANSE yachts unite fast, elegant hull lines with a high-performance sail plan to provide outsanding sailing characteristics. The interplay of the intelligently harmonised lateral plan and pre-balanced rudder guarantee speed and safety.

HANSE Easy Sailing

Legendary sailing pleasure
HANSE brought the Easy Sailing concept into series production – making sailing as we know it today possible. We developed the integrated self-tacking jib and guided all the lines to the helm. This enables you to reef, tack and set the sail effortlessly – so you can sail any HANSE on your own with first-class ease. The deck of the yacht is free of ropes and fittings without compromise and offers lots of space for relaxation, also while in port. After all, we are convinced: this is the way to sail today!


HANSE Innovative Design

Unmistakeably unique
The special HANSE aesthetics are showcased by the clear, emotional design langauge, which creates a distinct atmosphere of well-being. At the same time, we focus on technical innovations and quality – down to the slightest detail. This makes each HANSE a design statement of innovation. The optimal combination of advanced technology and its translation in the design is the standard we place on the perfect yacht.

HANSE Individual Customisation

Make it your own!
Those who choose a HANSE are seeking a yacht like no other. And they find it. HANSE offers a diverse range of customisation options, allowing you to make your yacht one of a kind. You choose the hull colour which best matches your personal taste. You choose the cabin layout that precisely meets your needs. You choose the fabrics, fine woods and trendy colours to give your yacht the aesthetics you need for well-being. Luxurious extras and technical equipment underscore your individuality and your standards for modern sailing.

Hanse blue ocean water styled banner labeled: Made in Germany since 1990
890 experts logo overlays black and white photo of young man fitting stove into sailing yacht kitchen

Experts across the board

Some 890 sailing-enthusiastic professionals work hand in hand at the HANSE shipyard. Supported by cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Guided by passion and dedication to their career.

We and our customers are kindred souls: There is nothing we enjoy more than a flawlessly engineered sailing yacht.

Gregor Bredenbeck
Head of Production Premium Boats

Employee opinion

We generate new contracts every day, and no two yachts are alike. Each one is quasi one-of-a-kind. That’s why the moment a finished yacht leaves the yard – via lorry or on its own keel – is always a special one, even after so many years of being with the company. As a sailing enthusaist, I also enjoy encountering 'our' yachts again in ports and starting up conversation with the owners

Gesa Lubs
Head of Backoffice

The industry is unbelievably fast. Which is why the challenge is big to continually optimise the various manufacturing processes in their depth and width. Logistics must remain flexible and be able to react at lightning speed to changes. This is how we set the course to being world-class.

Steffen Marquardt
Head of Logistic

I'm proud of our yard. The team here does an absolutely great job. Thanks to their expertise and passion, unmistakeable and innovative yachts are created in Greifswald which are awarded by high-calibre international juries time and time again. Marketing these yachts simply brings me a lot of joy. Especially for me as a sailing enthusiast. After all, what can be greater than bringing wonderful yachts to happy customers who enjoy modern sailing?

Katja Siegel
Head of Marketing & Communication
Black and white photo of Gesa Lubs Head of Back office for HanseYachts AG
Black and white photo of Steffen Marquardt Head of Logistics for HanseYachts AG
Black and white photo of Katja Siegel Head of Marketing & Communication for HanseYachts AG