Hanse sailing yachts are engineering masterpieces with crafted with amazing detail

Building a yacht means more than simply combining the various parts. It requires passion for yachting, an in-depth understanding of the materials and the will to achieve absolute precision, also in the most meticulous details. With this in mind, our engineers and builders create a fascinating masterpiece carefully crafted with impressive details and supported by the most modern technology.

Made in Germany since 1990

High quality sailing yachts made in Germany

A tradition of perfectionism
The location in Greifswald had stood for excellent yacht building for centuries. At the Hanse yard, we continue this tradition. In all of our departments, highly qualified professionals can be seen mastering their craft and practicing it with passion. Each yacht is created using cutting-edge manufacturing conditions, finished by a highly motivated team which thoroughly tests each individual yacht that leaves the stocks personally – on the water under real sailing conditions. Only when we are certain that all of our high standards have been satisfied do we hand over the yacht to its future owner.

Keel–hull connection

Safety first
Hanse yachts stand for safety and stability. To guarantee this, the keel plates are solidly integrated into a highly stable bed of epoxy adhesive. The keel is anchored directly in the solid floor construciton. The keel flanges, including washers and nuts, are made of high-quality, seawater-proof stainless steel.

Solid keel plate construction
Carbon reinforced ultra strong chain plates

Carbon-reinforced chain plates

Designed for maximum performance
The elegant and ultra-strong chainplate of the Hanse 548 and Hanse 588 is carbon-reinforced at the most critical spots where high rigg forces are strongest. These forces are precisely guided into the hull structure. The lounge below deck on board these yachts remains clear and offers a beautiful, undisturbed atmosphere of well-being.

Hanse bulwark

Safe at every turn
The higher foot railing creates a harmonious connection between dynamic hull lines and an elegant, high-sea railing. When it comes to Hanse yachts over 50 feet in length, the foot railing is 15 per cent higher, for an exclusive plus in safety.

Safety features at every turn
High quality constructed hull

Sandwich construction

A solid core
The elegant hull of Hanse yachts is made of several layers of specially chosen materials and is calculated precisely down to every detail. It is especially lightweight and, thanks to the use of vinyl ester resin in the outer laminate layer, it is completely resistant to osmosis. Depending on the model’s specifications, the yachts are constructed using the single-skin laminate technique or the sandwich method.

Composite bulkhead

Stability without compromise
The Bulkheads are manufactured as one piece using vacuum infusion in a composite construction technique. They feature an exceptionally high stability and ensure for a seamless reinforcement of the hull, floor structure and deck.

Bulkheads manufactured without compromise
Built to last hull-deck connection

Hull–deck connection

Extra stability, exclusively with Hanse
In collaboration with judel/vrolijk & co, Hanse has developed an innovative hull–deck connection which exceeds all standard regulations by far. In addition to the use of highly stable polyester epoxy, the deck and hull are additional anchored together with the help of solid flanges, which are situated in the clamps. This unique Hanse construction ensures a stiff, torsion-free yacht with a confident, sporty character.

Hanse e-motion Rudder Drive

Ideal manoeuvrability
The electric e-motion Rudder Driver in the Hanse 315 sets new standards. The powertrain allows for tight turns, the best rotations on the yacht's own keel and safety when berthing and casting off, especially during times of high winds. This is made possible by the electric motor and propellor built directly into the rudder blade. Your Hanse is actively steered and does not have to pick up speed first.

Electric propeller built into the rudder blade
180 degree Control

Hanse helmsman control

Sailing at the press of a button
What sounds like a futuristic vision is reality today at Hanse. You control the entire technology of the yacht comfortably from the cockpit. All halyards and sheets are guided to the helm, and you have full control during all manoeuvres.

Intelligently designed waterline for superior speed on all courses

Optimally Long Waterline

Perfect lines
The straight stern and the vertical stem of HANSE yachts are just one secret to the excellent performance of these yachts. This intelligent design allows for an optimally long waterline at each heeling angle – and thus a confidently superior speed on all courses.

HANSE Rudder Balance

Ideal steering
When it comes to the design of the rudder system, HANSE focuses on providing highest safety without compromising agility. This is why HANSE relies on a pre-balanced rudder, whose effective surface is maximised and larger than average. It enables you to easily and playfully steer your yacht in any situation.

Ideal steering agile and safe rudder balance
Easily adjust sail surface for different wind conditions

HANSE One-rope Reef System

Easy reefing
Thanks to the one-rope reef system, the sailing surface can be adapted easily and quickly to different wind conditions – comfortably from the cockpit.

HANSE Smart Trim System

Professional trimming
The backstay tensioners allow for a highly professional, fine trim. The mast’s curve can be finely and steplessly adjusted, while the sail’s profile can be ideally adapted to all wind conditions and currents.

Easily adapt your yacht sail profile to all wind conditions and currents while sailing
Maneuverer fast and easy

HANSE Self-tacking Jib

Easy Sailing
The self-tacking jib, which was created specially for HANSE yachts, brings Easy Sailing to its highest level. Manoeuvring is fast and effortless, and can be easily accomplished with just a single hand.

Luxury yacht features master cabin with sound proofing

Silent Master Cabin

Pure relaxation
The Silent Master Cabin in the Hanse 508, Hanse 548 and Hanse 588 brings the feeling of well-being on board to a new level. The cabin offers maximum noise isolation so that you do not hear any bothersome sounds on the inside. Perfect relaxation is guaranteed.

MyHanse Safety Cloud

Smartphone enabled smart sailing yachts

Innovative technology for optimum servicing and maximum safety
Hanse yachts are among the most innovative and sophisticated boats on the market. With the MyHanse Safety Cloud, Hanse remains true to this maxim and once again sets new standards.

Boat Monitoring from your smartphone keep track of your yachts LogBook and ServiceBook

Live data

Simple, practical, live
With Boat Monitoring, the eLogBook and the eServiceBook, you can track your yacht, keep a logbook and stay on top of service intervals via your smartphone or the Owner's Area on the website.
And that's not all. Further innovative apps are planned in partnership with Sentinel Marine Solutions, the market leader in networked boat technology.

Always available

The cloud for your Hanse yacht
All new Hanse yachts are delivered with the MyHanse Safety Cloud hardware ready installed. It is connected to the on-board electronics and communicates worldwide via mobile phone networks. If your yacht is offshore, the data is stored and immediately processed when you next get mobile phone coverage. No data is lost.

For older Hanse yachts, a MyHanse Safety Cloud retrofit package is available via the web shop or from your Hanse dealer.

Monitor your sailing yachts digital sensors from the web
Get full access to all important data for your boat from a smartphone or internet connected device

Boat monitoring

The system stands watch
With intelligent boat monitoring, you the owner have full access to all key data. Any time and anywhere.
Functions such as position and collision messages, motion and anchor alarms as well as ground fault and bilge alarms reliably inform you whether everything is in order.
A push message also tells you when the weather changes, the tank needs to be filled or the battery charged. Any break-ins are reported immediately.
If the yacht has been chartered, the skipper can log into the system via a guest account.


Everything recorded
While you enjoy sailing, the eLogBook automatically logs every mile you cover. It records your ground track, course and position, and archives the information so that you can access it at any time.
The data can be used to create complete documentation of all your trips, perfectly reconstruct accidents or display the day’s top speed at the end of a passage.

Keep track of sailing trips from your smart phone or internet connected device
Never miss important scheduled maintenance for your sailing yacht


Always up to date
How many hours has the yacht sailed? How many hours has it motored? When was the last time the seacocks and anodes were checked? And how old is the Saildrive cuff?
With the eServiceBook you no longer have to wonder, because the app calculates the service intervals of all the yacht’s parts.
If something needs to be serviced, you will receive a push message on your smartphone. You can also use the app to arrange a service appointment directly with your dealer.

Your service booklet is always up to date and your yacht is always maintained in perfect sale condition.