New Hanse 315 on the water in its home port of Langelinie, Copenhagen

Hanse 315 strengthens the Maersk fleet

The Danish container shipping company Maersk has continued to expand this year: In addition to countless huge cargo ships, the industry leader now also maintains a Hanse 315, which is likewise painted in the characteristic Maersk blue. The company's founder Arnold Peter Møller as well as his son Mærsk Mc Kinney-Møller were both passionate sailors who pursued their passion on the water until old age. This tradition is still maintained today with the company's own sailing club “Syvstjernen” with its home port Langelinie in Copenhagen.

New sailing boat for for the new generation of sailors from Maersk

Transfer of the “Syvstjernen” from Aabenraa to Copenhagen

Hanse dealer Henrik Reese from Aabenraa, Denmark: "Maersk was looking for a new sailing boat after the previous two Scankapp 99 club ships had become obsolete. After researching the market, the choice fell on the Hanse 315, which combines optimal sailing characteristics with the right level of comfort and is also ideally suited for sailing novices. We are very happy for the new generation of sailors from Maersk and hope they enjoy their new boat!”

In reference to the Maersk coat of arms, a star with seven spikes, the new Hanse 315 is also called "Syvstjernen" like its predecessing ships and the sailing club.