Green Award for Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive

The Hanse 315 e-motion rudder drive is the world’s first fully electric sailing yacht from a shipyard for series manufacturing – and revolutionising the sailing sport for the long term. At the Southampton Boat Show, this groundbreaking development has now been honoured with the Green Award.

“It’s a pioneering and new solution that points the way to the future of propulsion in yachts,” praises the English sailing magazine Sailing Today.

The advantages of the e-motion rudder drive are the significantly improved manoeuvrability of the yacht, as well as the emissions-free and low-noise sailing experience. Thanks to the engine integrated in the rudder, the yacht is propelled in the respective direction of the rudder. The extended rudder angle, totalling 100 degrees, enables the Hanse 315, with the e-motion rudder drive, to turn on her own axis – forwards and backwards. When it comes to docking and departing from the pier, the stern of the yacht can be moved precisely to the pier using the built-in rudder engine. This is especially convenient during strong winds and in narrow harbours.

With the Hanse e-motion rudder drive, Hanse is laying the cornerstone for a diesel-free future in the sailing sport world. Hanse – BREAKING RULES . SETTING TRENDS.