A childhood to remember

"It was extremely easy to be a mother during the time we spent sailing on our catamaran. Born in Norway, Mayni was only 8 weeks old when she entered our yacht for the very first time. Although she didn’t need much space it required a special creativity and calmness to look after her. At the beginning we set up nets around the rail and turned the cockpit into a crib. In that way she was safe, but still had plenty of space to play around. Quickly she got very good sea legs and walked around on her own, of course under supervision.

Mayni quickly worked out her favorite spots and found her individual playgrounds like the trampoline aboard of “Enata”, a Privilège 435. When we encountered dolphins or whales she loved to sit at the bow seat and giving them names. While we handled the boat she kept herself entertained for hours by playing with cups and buckets in her inflatable play pool.

Very soon our girl conquered the world apart from the boat. We used a shaded swimming ring as a water baby stroller. I swam onshore with her or we visited boats of friends – this worked just brilliant! This experience awaked Mayni`s passion for snorkeling. At the age of 3 she already swam with dolphins and even dove down to a nurse shark touching its tail when we anchored in the Grenadines.

We never regretted sailing with our kids. They grew up completely natural and learned a lot from the environment through individual experiences. Having built international relationships without reserve our kids will be eternally grateful for these matchless childhood memories.

In my opinion there is only one simply advice for parents: If you can take the opportunity to sail with your family, take the chance and just do it!”

With very kind regards,
Hildegunn, Lakki, Mayni and Lydian

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