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Do you want to keep an eye on your yacht even when you’re not on board? We are setting standards once again with the forward-looking MyDehler Safety Cloud. Find out the current status of all components or events on your yacht, any time and anywhere. Up to 25 on-board sensors measure and document all relevant technical data and functions in real-time and the data is saved in the app and in the owner area on our website. Push notifications on your smartphone inform you of any changes on board.

More apps and functions are already in planning.

To begin with, the MyDehler Safety Cloud offers three powerful features:

The Boat Monitoring function records position and break-in alarms, grounding or the charge status of your batteries, for example. This means that any potential dangers or changes can be detected early.

The digital log book documents your travel data automatically. The position, speed over ground or the maximum travel speed of your yacht are therefore recorded digitally.

The digital service book reminds you automatically of maintenance schedules for all components. This ensures that you will never forget important maintenance work for sea cocks or anodes, for example.