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Update on the Covid-19 situation

Dear clients, colleagues and partners,

As always, we wish to meet our promise and give an update on the current situation at HanseYachts AG in times of Covid-19.


Covid-19 has since arrived in the German county of Vorpommern-Greifswald and also in Goleniów in Poland – and thus in our lives.

At our headquarters in Greifswald, the first positive Covid-19 cases have been reported early last week. Our GRP production apart from the headquarters as well as our Privilège yard in France have so far been spared.

Fortunately, most of our positively tested colleagues have no or only weak symptoms. There are, however, two colleagues having to cope with more severe symptoms. One of them is meanwhile feeling better already. We send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to all affected colleagues.

We are working hard to protect all healthy colleagues in this situation. After the notice about the first infection last week, we have immediately identified all employees, who might have been exposed to the infected colleagues and had them tested at our own expense. Subsequently, one complete department has been sent into quarantine. We test them once at the beginning of their quarantine and again after five days. If both test results are negative, the respective colleague may return to his workplace. Meanwhile, 39 employees have returned from their quarantine. 23 others have been tested negatively but remain in precautionary quarantine. Naturally, we are in close consultation with the public health authority. Needless to say, the possible quarantine does not underlie any economic considerations, the responsibility we have of our employees and their families always has precedence.

Generally, we are mindful of our installed hygiene concept, in order to protect employees and their families. We wear face masks, practice physical distancing and wash our hands regularly. All clients and Sales employees have been prohibited from entering the production halls since March. The shower rooms have been closed, all carpools have been dispersed, a two-shift operation has been established, and the break times have been staggered. The original infections have to our knowledge occurred in private settings. We will all nevertheless cooperate to minimise a further spread.


In the current fiscal year starting on 1st July 2020 we have a better sales performance than ever before in the company’s history. Within four months we have received orders for 373 boats, which is twice the amount of the previous year’s period (186 boats). Most boat shows have been cancelled, instead we have digitalised the sales process with virtual boat shows and personal invitations to our local dealers.

The demand for a safe boat for the family vacation is unbroken, with the result of our production lines being fully engaged until early summer 2021. The boat building industry is clearly profiting from the crisis.


The production is currently underway fluently and punctually in all production lines in all four factories in Germany, Poland and France. Under the current circumstances and considering some employees being sent into quarantine unexpectedly, there will probably be delays in the deliveries. The current extent is approximately one week, but may increase further. We hope for your understanding for these measures.

We strive to produce all orders as soon as possible.

Material supply

There are currently no supply shortages. The second lockdowns all over Europe have not yet affected the supply situation. Our experience from the first Covid-19 wave has shown however, that we might find ourselves in a more difficult situation in a few weeks. Additionally, the hard Brexit is impending. We have thus raised our supplies valued at EUR 2.0 million, in order to produce even more smoothly than it was possible in May and June 2020.

Stay healthy and see you on the water!

Yours HanseYachts AG - Team,
Dr. Jens Gerhardt and Sven Göbel

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