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Motor yachts - an uncompromising design

The manufacturing of motor yachts is HanseYachts’ second business segment. Since the acquisition of Fjord Boats AS in 2007 HanseYachts Group procudes Fjord yachts.

Fjord motorboats are characterized by a spectacular design; clear, edgy and straightforward with a high velocity potential. The range of products varies from 36 to 52 ft. All models are constructed with a small slippage cabin as open motorboats “Open”. The Fjord design originates from Patrick Benfield who is world-famous for the construction of many breathtaking mega yachts of prominent yacht owners. Fjord yachts considerably differentiate in terms of appearance from their competitors. Thus, the unique design is the key feature of Fjord yachts. The emphasis is placed on an uncompromising design as well as on a safe handling characteristics and many useful details. Thanks to the high and straight ship sides a cockpit safety can be guaranteed; additionally, the space for reclining surface and steering positioning can be optimally utilized.

Since autumn 2013, the long-established English brand Sealine is part of the HanseGroup. Sealine products rank in the field of middle size boats offering a product range from 38 to 53ft, as sport coupé or classic Flyridge.  

The Sealine design focuses on the practical benefit of the construction. The yachts have an autonomous, elegant appearance as well as a comfortable and technologically advanced interior which addresses a large customer base.

The HanseYachts Group brands

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Fjord - Performance Motorboats

Fjord yachts stand for open and powerful luxury yachts – unique in their nature. Thanks to the open layout Fjord yachts offer just as much deck area as a super yacht. Moreover, they provide a simple handling. The up to 52 ft long Fjord can be easily maneuvered due to the intelligent IPS technology from Volvo Penta. In mid ocean almost all models reach a speed of 40 nodes and more. Another characteristic is the innovative all-round deck which guarantees an easy and safe access to the bow. The generous sun decks, the adjustable swimming platform and the spacious outdoor kitchens make the Fjords the perfect yachts for warm regions.

  • Motor yacht: 36 – 52 ft
  • Open and powerful luxury yachts
  • Speed of 40 nodes and more
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Sealine - Motor Cruising Yachts

HanseYachts group manufactures innovative motor yachts for the sailing branch under the brand Sealine. Sealine offers various yachts from 33 to 53 ft with two to four cabins. Apart from its innovative IPS engine from Volvo Penta Sealine yachts are characterized by their exceptional light architecture. With a length of 43 ft or more the yachts are equipped with soil depth panoramic windows providing a 360 degree view. For even more comfort, the Flybridge version offers a third level, a second steering position and a maximum living space.

  • Motor yacht: 33 – 53 ft
  • Innovative motor yachts for the sailing branch
  • Soil depth panoramic windows providing a 360 degree view