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Overhead view of the Privilège Serie 740 Luxury catamaran on calm tropical blue water

Luxury sailing & power catamaran

Luxury catamarans with infinite configuration possibilities

Acquiring Privilège in 2019 has allowed HanseYachts AG to enter the fast-growing market for catamarans, the Group’s third business segment. Founded more than 30 years ago, Privilège offers luxury sailing and power catamarans measuring over 15 metres in length and is currently the sixth-biggest catamaran-builder in the world.
The luxury catamarans under the Privilège brand stand for exceptional quality and robust seaworthiness. The diagonally cut saloon windows and revolutionary hull connection allow you to sail the oceans in absolute comfort. The sailing and power catamarans, which can measure more than 70 feet in length, offer up to 300 square metres of living space across multiple decks.

The catamarans are designed by Marc Lombard, who has been Privilège’s chief designer since 1985. He brings his more than 30 years of experience into the development of these models and is among the most celebrated catamaran designers in the world. Franck Darnet, one of the most highly renowned interior architects for luxury hotels and custom yachts, is responsible for the interior design.

Each Privilège catamaran is custom-built at the exclusive request of the customer. The close collaboration between designer, interior architect and customer opens up potential for extensive customisation and ensures that every single catamaran that ultimately leaves the shipyard is a one-of-a-kind.

The sailing and power catamarans are built by hand in Les Sables d’Olonne on the Atlantic coast of France. The around 150-strong workforce at the Privilège shipyard possesses not only many years of experience, but also unique specialist know-how in the construction of two-hulled yachts. As a result, almost all of the more than 60 catamarans that have left the Privilège shipyard since the 1990s can still be found cruising the seas and oceans in every corner of the globe.

The sailing catamarans from Privilège

Privilège offers four luxury sailing catamarans measuring over 15 metres in length. The Signature 510 and Signature 580 models were launched in 2019 and complement the already highly successful series 640 and 740 models. The Privilège Signature 510 catamaran has been nominated for the ‘British Yachting Awards 2019’.

Luxury catamaran brand Privilège
  • Sailing catamaran: 50–75 ft
  • Exceptional quality and robust seaworthiness
  • Designed for sailing the oceans in absolute comfort
Privilège brand website

The power catamaran from Privilège

The Euphorie 5 is the first power catamaran to be launched by the Privilège shipyard in its more than 30-year history. It is propelled by two 220 hp diesel engines. This world first has been nominated for the ‘Multihull of the Year 2019’ award.

The power catamaran from PRIVILÈGE
  • Power catamaran: 50 ft
  • Drive: two 220 hp diesel engines
  • Optimal cruising over long and short distances
Privilège brand website