FJORD the original power yacht

Each FJORD product embodies the best of three worlds: Scandinavian purism ensures strong visual appeal; Mediterranean Savoir Vivre provides the inspiration for the numerous luxury equipment details; and German engineering ensures outstanding handling dynamics, maximum safety and reliability, and flawless workmanship. This is the unique DNA that has made FJORD the prototype of any extravagant powerboat – and an international design icon. 

Modelleinstieg.png | Fjord


16.70 m
Engine Option
1200 hp
Speed option
34 knots
model-image-2020-fjord41xl-seitenansicht-freigestellt_HighRes.png | Fjord

41 XL

12.81 m
Engine Option
880 hp
Speed option
38 knots
Fjord_42_open_exterior_010_161129.jpg | Fjord

44 open

13.45 m
Engine Option
960 hp
Speed option
40 knots
Fjord_38_open_Seitenansicht_freigestellt.png | Fjord

38 open

11.50 m
Engine Option
640 hp
Speed option
40 knots
Fjord44coupé_Seitenansicht_freigestellt.png | Fjord

44 coupé

13.45 m
Engine Option
959 hp
Speed option
36 knots
Fjord_36_xpress_exterior_001-171018.jpg | Fjord

38 xpress

11.63 m
Draft max
0.94 m
Max. persons

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Exclusive presentation of the Fjord power boat

We cordially invite you to your own custom boat show on the yacht of your dreams. Your Fjord dealer looks forward to meeting you. They will arrange for an exclusive presentation on the Fjord model of your choosing and explain all of the details on and below deck. This personal appointment means no time constraints, no crowds, and it complies with all health and safety rules. Schedule your exclusive consultation today and get ready for an exciting presentation!


FJORD motorboat on the ocean at speed

Seductive. Glamourous. Extravagant. A FJORD exerts a magnetic attraction. Her minimalistic, clear-cut shape stands out from any surroundings, whether an exclusive marina or a scenic shoreline. The iconic combination of vertical stem, signature high-rise T-top and robust bulwark make every FJORD a bold statement of independence that truly catches the eye.

High performance motor yacht on the water

A FJORD exudes a dynamism that you can sense in every fi bre of your being. Driving a FJORD at wide-open throttle will accelerate the boat to a pace of 35 knots and more. Flying over the waves this way, you offer your companions a sensation that never fails to thrill. Pick up speed and feel your excitement grow every second.

People experiencing the excitement of being on board a FJORD motorboat

The Volvo joystick control system allows you to intuitively dock the yacht. In addition, every FJORD relieves you from any task that requires physical effort. A touch of a button is all it takes to set the anchor, bathing platform, toy garage and bimini in motion.

Woman sun bathing on front deck of motor yacht

A FJORD offers all the amenities you need to spoil your guests. They would like to sunbathe? Convert the seats into cosy sun pads. Anyone for champagne? It’s being chilled in the fridge. What about a swim in the sea? The lowerable bathing platform features a secure ladder and a free-standing shower. Superb seakeeping, high bulwarks and wide sidewalks make powerboating on a FJORD exceptionally safe.

MyFjord Safety CloudUniquely innovative. Better service. More security.

FJORD safety cloud innovative technology for your motor yacht

MyFjord Safety Cloud app keeps you connected with your yacht at all times. Intelligent functions such as BoatMonitoring, eLogBook and eServiceBook enable you to monitor your yacht seamlessly, keep an automatic logbook and stay on top of all service dates.


Reese Marin Showroom Aabenraa

2022-04-01 - 2023-12-31 | Denmark
Dealers on site:
  • Reese Marin

Sydney International Boat Show

2022-07-28 - 2022-08-01 | Australia
Models on display:
  • Fjord 38 xpress
  • Fjord 41 XL
Dealers on site:
  • Windcraft New Zealand Limited

Copenhagen Boat Show

2022-08-25 - 2022-08-28 | Denmark
Models on display:
  • Fjord 38 xpress
Dealers on site:
  • Reese Marin

BOOT & FUN inwater

2022-08-26 - 2022-08-28 | Germany
Dealers on site:
  • Segel-Auto-Boote
  • Unique Yachts Germany GmbH
  • Hanse (Deutschland) Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

HISWA te water

2022-08-31 - 2022-09-04 | Netherlands
Models on display:
  • Fjord 41 XL
Dealers on site:
  • FJORD Benelux B.V.

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Historic photo of FJORD motorboat

How to make the short Norwegian summer as intense as possible savor? Alf Bjerke has an idea in 1960: There should be a boat - as robust, fast and strong in character as a Viking.


Never was the vision of Alf Bjerke more alive than today: in the current models are the typical traits of FJORD increased to the highest extremes.

New innovative generation of FJORD motor yachts

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