How? Thanks to lighter internal and external equipment.

All the rigg, optimised and reviewed with our partners and suppliers, is designed with high performance materials: a carbon mast, carbon boom, Kevlar rigging and bigger membrane sails. The guard wires in textile are completing the aluminium railing.

All structural elements, the furniture and floorboards are also lighter thanks to a foam core. Carbon reinforcements in the deck and bulkheads also contribute in reducing the overall weight.

Finally, the interior design proposed by Darnet Design is seamlessly integrated with the hydrostatics of the naval architect Marc Lombard. This << D-light >> version is paired perfectly with its modern, pure and functional interior allowing unlimited possibilities.

The substantial reduction in weight (10%) and the stiffness under sail unveil a sporting spirit to this version.

Privilège`s genuine DNA is still present: high quality of construction and top-class finishing, refined design, seagoing excellence and many possibilities of customisation.

Your life. Your goals. Your Privilège - Allow yourself to be inspired and experience the luxury of tomorrow.