Dehler 30 one design makes Baltic 500 Race debut

Successful regatta debut

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Dehler 30 one design has come to stay in the Baltic 500 Race

With 500 nautical miles, it is considered one of the most demanding international double-handed offshore regattas in the Baltic Sea. The first regatta of the year, the Baltic 500, had two surprises in store. Right from the start, the Dehler 30 one design yachts “Powerplay” with Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt and Otto Timm from Speedsailing as well as “Calle Dr. A.J. Aguiar” from “crazyboats” with Rasmus Töpsch and Andreas Deubel were at the head of the regatta field. The racer-cruisers unfolded their full speed potential on all courses and kept pace to the larger racing yachts. Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt, who started the race with a broken foot, decided the duel with his team on “Powerplay” in their favor and led the field of 49 yachts for a time. Despite hard weather conditions, in which almost one third of the yachts had to give up, the crew came third over the finish line in Kiel-Strande after about 71 hours, exhausted but happy. She hence followed only a few minutes behind the “First Ship Home”, the Pogo 40 “Black Pearl” and “Milou”, a JPK 10.80. The yacht of “Crazyboats” sailed forth to the finish line.

Started as a separate class, the race enabled the first class duel of the Dehler 30 one design yachts. In the international class ranking, the Speedsailing team took first place and Andreas Deubel and Rasmus Töpsch second.

The Baltic 500 Regatta runs non-stop for almost 500 nautical miles through the German Baltic and around the Danish islands of the Kattegat. Challenging meteorological conditions, open stretches, narrow sections with strong currents and busy areas demand the full attention of the two-man teams. From the Bay of Strande, the route leads through the Øresund to the Danish island of Læsø and from there back through the Great Belt to Kiel-Strande.

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Photo: Martin Kringel | Speedsailing