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A yacht without any compromises: The new Dehler 41 will be a beautiful, fast and elegant performance cruiser with the potential to be a silver winner as well

The first launch of a new model is always an exciting moment for all who participated in the development. The boat builders, engineers, designers, managers and the customers as well.  Thursday May 12th showed to be a lucky day. The new Dehler 41, second new model after the D 32 by Dehler Yachts after taken over by HanseGroup in 2009, has a perfect flotation, stated Torsten Conradi of Judel/Vrolijk & Co, Designer of this ambitious cruiser. And after 2 hours of sailing the boat, Conradi remarked as well, “that she is stiff, well balanced and fast – just a perfect boat.”


This was the goal to reach, to make this design what it was planned for: A safe family performance cruising yacht with speed potential, elegant lines and easy to handle. The standard boat will be supplied with a lot of useful premium equipment and an interior design, to make sailing a relaxing and stress free adventure. But the racing abilities of this boat will be as well outstanding. The hull and rig design was optimised to fit into both measurement systems, IRC and ORCi.

The first 2 Dehler 41, launched at the HanseGroup facilities at Greifswald, will now go through an extensive test and will be taken to racing events from their owners in the Netherlands and Sweden. Both boats are equipped with the deep racing keel of 2,40 m and a carbon rig offered by Dehler.