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Dehlya 22 New ways to the water. Self-build boats for everyone.

The modern 7/8 rig is no problem, even for family crews. The ship can be operated easily thanks to the powerful mainsail and the relatively small headsail. Full maneuverability is only available under mainsail. The high sail carrying capacity of the DEHLYA is achieved with the large waterline width and the water ballast with lifting keel. Its maneuverability is improved with the yawl-like hull with flat underwater hull. The harmonious ship lines highlight the good sailing properties of the DEHLYA. Dehlya 22 / Yacht 9/1984 "The Dehlya showed itself at its best and marched confidently across the small waves of the Baltic Sea. On a close reach – with the large and standard jib set – we achieved a speed (at 3 Beaufort, Red.) of 4.8 knots. As we then began slowly dropping off, … it became clear that the maximum possible speed was 5.8 knots under these conditions. The boat therefore exceeded its theoretical hull speed even at low wind speeds. … With regard to maneuverability, we can say that the Dehlya 22 shows clear yawl characteristics, which means it can turn on the spot and responds immediately to every movement of the rudder. … With the Dehlya, the shipyard has succeeded in two respects: Sailors with no experience in building can create a high-quality sailing boat for a relatively low price and the mooring problem can be solved by adding the slip system."

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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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