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Dehler 372 Gain space. Proceed quickly and safely.

Comfortable under sail, but also when using the engine. Two people. With the family. With business associates. Or with a 7-man crew. Live comfortably on board. Enjoy the atmosphere in the cockpit. Delight in tasteful boat expansion options in satin teak finish below deck. And relax in the knowledge that you have purchased a good piece of capital for an interesting price. A worthwhile investment for enthusiastic sailors. And a rationally justifiable decision. The decision to purchase the DEHLER 372. The DEHLER 372 occupies a special place in the 11-m yacht market: it has the clean lines of a classic, fast cruising yacht, which guarantee particularly good sailing properties, built in a weight-optimized, elaborate hand lay-up process. Build quality - designed for resilience and safety. Careful craftsmanship, combined with cost-reducing large-scale production technology that nobody masters as well as DEHLER. The combination of excellent sailing properties and impressive and inventive comfort is guaranteed through the cooperation with the E.G. v.d. Stadt design team and the wealth of experience provided by shipyard manager Willi Dehler. The thing that has always set Dehler yachts apart from many other models, in addition to the clean and modern workmanship with high-quality materials, is the well thought-out operating comfort with regard to safety aspects. The DEHLER 372 is easy to handle. It offers outstanding maneuverability. The reliability is guaranteed through the selection of high-quality materials and oversized fittings. The cockpit is dominated by the stable steering column with large steering wheel. A high coaming and the fixed wind guard with spray hood protects the crew from wind and spray water. The teak wood grating on the cockpit floor gives an elegant and practical appearance. The life raft can be accessed quickly in an emergency underneath the helmsman seat in seaworthy design. The helmsman has a stable footing even during heeling thanks to the inclined treads. The centerpiece of the DEHLER 372 is without a doubt the teak-clad sun deck between the mast and the spray hood. The coaming all round means that this deck is almost a private area. The running deck has an easy-care anti-slip covering in matching color.

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Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013 | Dehler

Dehler: History - Kazi magazine 06/2013


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