German Sailing Championships Offshore went to Dehler 29!

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The title in ORC class 2 went to the Dehler 29 "Cala Ventinove" from Uwe Wenzel. The group of the smaller yachts, ORCi2, was dominated by Dehler 29 "Cala... Ventinove". Uwe Wenzel at the helm, the chairman of Regattavereinigung Seesegeln, is the winner of the German Sailing Championships Offshore. Congratulation!!!

Group: ORCi 2 (ORCint) Wettfahrten: W 1, W 2, W 3:

Rank 1: "Cala... Ventinove", Pilot: Uwe Wenzel, Model: Dehler 29
Rank 2: "lot.jonn...", Pilot: Dirk Neukirchen, Model: Hanse 350 R
Rank 4: "Hochwürden", Pilot: Detlef Amlong, Model: Dehler 35

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