World premiere of the new Sealine S330v


| Sealine News

Look forward with us to the two most significant events of the year for Sealine: the Cannes Yachting Festival from 11 to 16 September – where the most sophisticated in-water boat show in the world is taking place. The perfect backdrop for the world premiere of the new Sealine S330v.

The Cannes Yachting Festival Cannes is more than just Europe’s largest in-water boat show. No other maritime event combines the charms of southern France with luxury and sophistication in such an elegant way. And if there is one yacht which should be there, then it is the new Sealine S330v.

The Sealine S330 with inboard motors has been one of the most successful luxury yachts in its class for many years. Now, those who enjoy anchoring in flat bays – or want to experience the sporty feeling of the outboard engines – have found their dream yacht in the V version.

The engines have been moved to the stern, allowing the S330v to offer the largest openly accessible storage space of its class. With 700 hp, the yacht accelerates up to a thrilling 38 knots. Enormous engine power, for the most beautiful days of the year – a concept which is perfectly reflected in the seductively slim and sporty design

Experience the start of a new outboard series from Sealine with the world premiere of the Sealine S330v. We’re delighted to welcome you to Port Canto at the Saint-Pierre quay

The second significant event has already started: up until 31 December we are offering an upgrade package for all Sealine models at up to half the regular price. These exclusive conditions are also available at the Cannes show. So a visit is worth your while in more ways than one.