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Sealine at the boot Düsseldorf 2020

Which Sealine model makes your wishes come true: a sporty all-weather yacht from our Cruiser series? Or are you fully prepared for summer and...

Sealine C390 nominated for the Motor Boat Awards 2020

Nomination from British Motorboat & Yachting Magazine - Category Sportscruiser up to 40 feet

New dealer for Greece

We are happy to welcome our new dealer in Greece! First Quality Yachts International Ltd is centrally located in Athens and has a strong distribution...

Sealine C390 nominated for Best of Boats Awards

During the Cannes Yachting Festival the jury announced their favourites for the Best of Boats Awards 2019 in Cannes. The jury of 18 international...




Sigfús Sigfússon from Iceland never forgot his dream of spending wonderful evenings on his own yacht under the Spanish sun. When he and his wife...

Sealine F430 nominated for 2019 Motor Boat Awards!

Nomination by British Motorboat & Yachting Magazine - Category flybridges up to 60ft - Only three double cabins yacht in this class

HanseYachts ist "Boatbuilder of the Year 2018"

The HanseYachts Aktiengesellschaft from Greifswald including the brands Hanse, Dehler, Varianta, Moody, Privilège, Sealine and Fjord, was awarded by...

Power play – the new Sealine C390

World Premiere of Sealine C390 at the boot Düsseldorf

“Boat Builder Award 2018” for cooperation with Lewmar for Sealine C330

The HanseYachts stock company was awarded at the “Metstrade” in the category “Collaborative solution between a production boat builder and a supply...

MySealineSafety Cloud

Convincingly innovative. For better service and maximum safety

Sealine yachts combine sporty elegance and clever innovations. With the MySealine Safety Cloud, Sealine remains true to its maxim and offers pioneering technology you can rely on.

Live data

All data in real time

With BoatMonitoring, the eLogBook and the eServiceBook, you can easily monitor your yacht, keep a logbook and track service intervals via your smartphone or the Owner Area on the website.
And that's not all. Further innovative applications are in the planning stage and will be implemented with Sentinel Marine Solutions, the market leader in networked boat technology.

Always available

The Cloud for your Sealine Yacht

All Sealine yachts are fitted with MySealine Safety Cloud hardware directly by the yard. It is connected to the on-board electronics and communicates worldwide via mobile phone networks. If your yacht is offshore, the data is stored and immediately processed when mobile phone coverage returns. No data is lost.

For older Sealine yachts a MySealine Safety Cloud retrofit package is available via the webshop or from your Sealine dealer.

Boat Monitoring

Live updates

With smart Boat Monitoring, you as the owner have full access to all key data. At any time and from any location.
Functions such as position and collision messages, movement and anchor alarms, as well as ground fault and bilge alarms reliably inform you whether everything is well on board.
A push message also tells you when the weather changes, the tank needs to be filled or the battery charged.
If the yacht is chartered, the skipper can log into the system via a guest account.


Logged automatically

Whether on a short passage or an extended cruise, the eLogBook logs every mile travelled. It records ground track, course and position and archives the information. You can access it at any time, perhaps for travel documentation or in the case of an insurance claim, if the course of events has to be reconstructed.


Always up to date

How many engine hours have you clocked up? When was the last oil change? And when was the last time the seacocks and anodes were checked?
With the eServiceBook you no longer have to wonder. Because the app calculates and knows all the service intervals of all your yacht’s parts.
If something needs servicing, you will receive a push message on your smartphone. You can also use the app to arrange a maintenance appointment directly with your dealer.

Your service booklet is always up to date and your yacht is always maintained in perfect sale condition.




1972 年,当时还是飞机工程师的 TOM MURRANT 为了购买一艘家庭型游艇,而四处奔波。尽管他目标明确,踏遍了坊间各处——但依然无功而返。MURRANT 决定不走寻常路,而是效仿那些只有奇思妙想、脑洞大开的人才会干的事:用自己的双手建造属于自己的“梦之轮”。


BOBBINGTON 附近的一座机场劳改营里,MURRANT 与两位好友一道,制造出了首款 23 英尺舱式巡游艇。消息一传十、十传百:他们设计的杰作,竟成了抢手的“香饽饽”。MURRANT 随即从自己的人寿保险中预支 500 英镑,成立了 FIBRASONIC MARINE LTD 有限公司。


1978 年,FIBRASONIC 因业务发展需要,亟需更大的厂房。因此,公司迁往 KIDDERMINSTER。仅仅六周后,公司便研发出首款 C 系周末休闲艇。



很快,C 系游艇便因其独特的外观,而备受瞩目。22 英尺舱式艇船身上有一条醒目的色带。此“妙笔”,是创业者们对蓝、黄、橙三色斟酌和定夺的结果。

长度、气质、航速全面升级。SEALINE,源自 C 系的蜕变

受成功鼓舞,TOM MURRANT 欲乘胜追击,锁定新目标:即建造享誉世界的豪华游艇。新船型将在长度、豪华度上更进一步,并包罗各种样式。新口号将这种多元化思路体现地淋漓尽致:SEALINE,源自 C 系(指代巡游艇和舱式艇,英文首字母均为 C)的蜕变。

SEALINE 30顶级飞桥巡游艇

大使号SEALINE 285

以高官头衔命名,恰恰体现了 SEALINE 游艇的经典之处。“大使号”体现的,是领袖气质。

政要号SEALINE 305


在新推出的自主研发船型中,SEALINE 的影响力已延伸到 60 英尺级游艇。T60 光环号(T60 AURA)是迄今为止,已建造 SEALINE 系列中最长的游艇。

自成立伊始,历经 40 载之后,公司被汉斯游艇集团(HANSEYACHTS)收购,包括 SEALINE 品牌以及旗下所有船型。其中,有四个船型将在位于德国 GREIFSWALD 的造船厂继续生产。与此同时,在新任首席设计师 BILL DIXON 的带领下,公司已开始研发新一代顶级船型。



史上首款德-英联合制造,合作双方为 BILL DIXON GREIFSWALD 造船厂。



至臻材质、极度舒适、畅阔空间。SEALINE 将飞桥系打造成了“包厢”

前卫、美观、时尚风向标。未来,由 SEALINE 引领。


SEALINE C330 & S330Motor Boat Awards 2016

Best Sportscruiser Up To 45ft

Europe's oldest motor boat magazine, "Motor Boat & Yachting", has presented the two Sealine models S330 and C330 with the internationally coveted "Motor Boat Award 2016". The two winners received the famous award in the category "Sport cruiser up to 45 feet".

SEALINE F380Motor Boat Awards 2015

Best Flybridge under 55 feet

The award for ‘The best Flybridge under 55 feet’ was presented by the editor of Motor Boat and Yachting who described the F380 as “not just a great family flybridge but an astonishingly good fun boat to drive.” Launched in January 2014 the F380 with its fast efficient sterndrive power was praised for its “grippy hull, agile handling and secure helm positions".


SEALINE C390Best of Boats Award 2019

Best for Family - finalist

During the Cannes Yachting Festival the jury announced their favourites for the Best of Boats Awards 2019 in Cannes. The jury of 18 international journalists tested more than 150 boats during the water sports season. The Sealine C390 is one of the finalists in the "Best for Family" category. The winner will be announced in November during the “Boot & Fun” in Berlin.

SEALINE F430European Powerboat of the Year 2019

Category boats under 45 feet (nominated)

The new Sealine F430 has now been nominated by the "European Powerboat of the Year" jury as the Powerboat of the year 2019 and is thus part of the world's most renown award for motor yachts. The jury consists of the editors of the largest European powerboat magazines which honour the best developments in the industry, each year. The "Oscars of the boat industry" will be awarded on 19th January 2019 at the "Flagship Night" in Düsseldorf, Germany.

SEALINE C430 European Powerboat of the Year

Category up to 45 feet (nominated)

New Sealine C430 nominated for "European Powerboat of the Year Award 2018" at Yachting Festival Cannes!
For the second year running, a new Sealine from the HanseYachts AG portfolio was nominated for the prestigious "European Powerboat of the Year Award 2018". The nomination was announced at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the world’s largest inwater boat show, only a few days after the world premiere of the new Sealine C430.

SEALINE F530Motor boat award 2017

Category flybridge up to 55 (nominated)

In the category flybridge up to 55 ft., Europe’s largest and oldest motorboat- magazine “Motorboat & Yachting” from England, nominated the Sealine F530 for the motorboat award 2017.

Jack Haines, “Motor Boat & Yachting“, about the F530 after testing it in August 2016: “The effect inside is genuinely astounding- so good, I opted to slot the boat into its tight stern- to berth from the lower helm because the view out is that good. What’s more, people always talk, misty eyed, about the connection to the water from within a boat, but the F530, those gigantic panes of glass really do deliver breathtaking views out from the galley and dinette that make you stop and stare for a few seconds”

SEALINE F530European Powerboat of the Year

Category over 45 feet (nominated)

The new Sealine F530 has been nominated for the "European Powerboat of the Year Award 2017"!

A newly designed boat from the portfolio of the HanseGroup has yet again conviced the European press. The new Sealine F530 was nominated in the category “yachts over 45 feet” for the "European Powerboat of the Year Award 2017".

SEALINE S330Best of Boats Award 2015

Best for Family (nominated)

The great new Sealine S330 has been nominated for thr Best of Boats Award 2015 in the category “Best for Family”.
The Best of Boats Award is the new international boat recommendation for motorboats, focused on the boaters’ point of view. The jury thereby will honor the most remarkable boats in 2015 for the main European markets.