Philippe Jeantot

(twice world champion in single-handed sailing and founder of the famous Vendee Globe round-the-world race), designed the original cruising catamaran for his family to live aboard during their calls : comfort, strength and security were the basic criteria.


In 1985, he founded Jeantot Marine and exhibited his first vessel in Paris, more for personal pride than to start a life in marine construction, however the many orders he received encouraged him to set out on this next great adventure !

Philippe Jeantot brought all his round-the-world navigation experience to the Privilège brand, creating a superb design in terms of comfort, security and cruising pleasure !

In 1989, the shipyard was the leading builder of cruising catamarans, dominating the American market, and became a benchmark for the profession. Recognition came in the form of: Le Trophée International de la Qualité in 1992. The Privilège 45 and 42 were chosen as 'Boat of the Year' in the USA in 1995 and 1996.

In 1996, under the aegis of Alliaura, the brand grew and confirmed its position at the top of its class in large catamarans over 15m ; over 60 vessels ranging from 18-23m were delivered around the world, with the well-known PRIVILÈGE 745 being the flagship of the fleet.

2012 sees a new chapter being written in the Privilège story, where passion, quality and experience are the watch-words. On the historic site at Les Sables d'Olonne, PRIVILÈGE MARINE has gathered a highly qualified team, many with more than 20 years seniority... These men and women form a truly enthusiastic and committed team, led by Gilles Wagner.

Since May 2017, Privilège Marine has been part of the worldwide well known HanseYachts group.



伟大的团队精神——来认识一下 PRIVILÈGE 的制造者。

Gilles WAGNER:自 2012 年起担任 Privilège Marine 首席执行官

能担任一家拥有出色游艇和杰出团队的优秀企业的首席执行官,我感到很自豪。我一直致力于工业部门,管理酒店、汽车和海洋行业的项目。2012 年,我实现了一个个人梦想。我加入了 Privilège,获得了从未有过的体验:对一个产品的怀有巨大热情。每一艘全新 Privilège 都是一件与新船主合作完成的世界级深海杰作

Isabelle DOUX 2015 年起担任人力资源总监

33 年来,我一直致力于航海事业。2015 年,我有机会加入了 Privilège Marine——对我而言,它是全球最优秀的造船厂之一。

Cécilia EDELINE:自 2006 年起担任市场营销与公关经理

Privilège 与我相识已久。我学会了乘 Privilège 在海上航行,从那以后,我就对这些游艇的优雅着了迷。自 2006 年起,我有幸担任了市场营销经理兼内饰专家,与未来的船主一起设计他们的个人版 Privilège

Bernard VOISIN:自 1988 年起担任技术经理

几乎可以这样讲,我的一生就是为了 Privilège 双体船!完成电工领域的学习之后,我在建筑行业工作了 7 年。然后,我有机会加入了 Philippe Jeantot 的团队,从事 Privilège 的机械、管道和嵌入式系统的工作。目睹了游艇的惊人巨变后,我对此深深着迷。

Eric ELLEAUME自2012年起担任客户服务

凭借我的经济科学硕士学位,我的工作生活将我带到了其他视野......客户服务!在电话,汽车和食品等行业的供应链活动方面拥有25年的经验后,我搬到了Les Sables d'Olonne的一个新区域。在这里,我非常高兴地发现了游艇行业,尤其​​是Privilège,拥有非常热情的客户和业主。

Expertise and experience

Expertise does not come about on its own, it is built up over time !

Marc Lombard , renowned architect with an historic connection to Privilège , is in constant relation with the PRIVILÈGE MARINE R&D team on research, development and services, for example :


  • Optimisation of space and accommodation needs
  • Balance of weight and strength
  • Management of electrical installations, plumbing, mechanics and electronics
  • Efficient deck layout with reliable equipment and fittings
  • Quality control and monitoring at every stage of build
  • Launch, commissioning, sea-trial and delivery of every Privilège sold

The GRP section and the construction department are led by experts constantly seeking to improve and expand their knowledge.

Also, the wood work is part of our culture and we propose a choice of fine finishes in maple, oak or cherry. A highly qualified and multi-skilled team supervises the fabrication and assembly of the whole Privilège range up to final delivery.

PRIVILÈGE MARINE has a close team, passionated and expert to create the best sailing experience and dealer service for all our owners.

Construction quality

The studies CAC/CAD of hulls, shapes and decks are entirely developed by the design office of MARC LOMBARD DESIGN GROUP (MLDG). Each Privilège has been studied and modelled with the most modern performing software, used for improving hull shape resistance (prismatic) and hull drag (Computational Fluid Dynamics software) and the structural performance of the boat (Fine Element Analysis software)

The reputation of MARC LOMBARD's design office does not need further demonstration. Its numerous victories in offshore racing and multihull projects (Formula 40, Orma 60, etc), and also in the mono-hulls world (Classe 40, Imoca 60, IRC, Mini Transat, etc) are sufficient proofs. Historically focused on racing, MARC LOMBARD is the very first naval architect office to integrate doctorate specialists in hydrodynamics, to further expands its expertise.

"The forward pod ":the Privilège signature!

The distinctive Privilège style in looks and construction has existed since 1985. Owners, charter operators and guests agree on the following:

The extra volume in the pod allows for generous volume space in the forward cabins, especially for the Owner's Suite.

This space can be used for full view across the boat in the Owner's Stateroom.

A fixed baby stay, ready for use in order to set a storm sail or staysail should bad weather set in.

A large comfort factor in rough weather when the pod leans on the wave in order to avoid deep immersion of the bows, On a structural point of view, the forward beam and seagull striker is supported on 3 points, which reinforces the whole structure at sea.

Structure / Infusion

The hulls, decks and structural bulkheads are made in infused sandwich with some vinylester base resins, known for their anti osmosis properties. Top quality closed-cell foam is used in order to allow a well controlled impregnation of the entire sandwich during the infusion process; weight and resistance are thus optimised, sonic and thermic insulation preserved.

Some monolithic areas are devoted when fittings such as thru hulls, ground plates, etc. are added in order to avoid any risk of water infiltration and also to secure the fitting to a crush-proof base.

The "impact zones" have been especially addressed :

  • keels areas are entirely isolated from the rest of the catamaran and are subject to numerous vertical and horizontal reinforcements,
  • the fore peaks are equipped with compartments named "crash boxes" to optimize the buoyancy of the vessel in case of frontal impact, and this since the very first Privilège,
  • the aft transoms are equipped with a waterproof bulkhead to safeguard the engine compartment in case of damage (grounding, etc)

Systems on board / Technical

In close cooperation with MARC LOMBARD, our engineers design and develop the entire range of equipment necessary for the construction of our catamarans. From the technical systems, interior layouts, selection of deck fittings, right up to the delivery to the customer. The multi-area know-how and experience from our craftsmen as well as the feedback from our owners are unique assets.

Our team supervises the entire technical follow up of each unit, throughout the construction process, up to and including final sea trials. In particular:

Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, plumbing, A/C, the outstanding quality of these installations and on board systems does not require further proof. The installed equipment is:

  • easy to use with an automated real-time management system,
  • studied and installed in strict accordance with the toughest specifications by our experts,
  • continuously reviewed through the feedback received from owners and users,
  • accessible for maintenance or service. Furthermore, the equipment installed is supported by an international dealer network.

The technology watch we have set up allows our technical team to test and validate various products and/or process to constantly improve the operation of Privilège catamarans. Many suppliers and sub-contractors have accompanied the brand for over 20 years and team up for the regular product innovations and development.

The passion and experience of our team allow the optimization of installations, and also to adjust to some specific demands, i.e. territorial requirements (US, Australia ...), charter or professional specifications, customize the technical management of the boat in accordance with our owner's expectations.

Interior layouts

The quality of our interiors does not allow for any compromise. Our interior furnishings (furniture, upholstery, electrical, etc.), use the best available products for your satisfaction. Technical integration (set up of equipments, phonic and thermic isolation, wires and supply set up, etc) and studies on ergonomics and functionality can optimize quality of life on board.

Deck fittings / Rigging / Sails

We work very closely with the office of MARC LOMBARD and our specific, faithful suppliers of over 20 years, to develop the best ergonomic and easy to use deck layouts while cruising, but without compromising with security and reliability.

MARECHAL mast, historic supplier of all our masts, has a second to none reputation. They accompany us in the development of each Privilège catamaran. The white lacquered aluminium profiles are optimised for the best strength/weight ratio, the weldings are flush, the fittings and additions well calculated. They also supply the fore-beam, which is so important for the main strength of the whole hull / pod / deck configuration.

Elvström sails, well known as the supplier for a large majority or racing yachts, has been a faithful partner since the first sailing of our Privilège in 1985. They use the best fabrics, take special care given with the stitching and cutting, reinforcements to clews, tack and head corners, with the thread lines. All important details in the fabrication are addressed so that the sails will not get prematurely old under tropical conditions.

Tests and delivery

PRIVILÈGE MARINE has an exceptional location on the marina of Les Sables d'Olonne:

  • direct access for launching from the yard with a 500T shiplift,
  • mast-stepping at the yard by our team,
  • static shore-side tests in accordance with a detailed protocol,
  • sea trials in real conditions, all this is done in order to guarantee a properly functioning boat,
  • private pontoon at the shipyard.

It is fairly common to be confronted with dysfunctions in new equipments; tuning is necessary, constant controls will be made until total satisfaction is reached...


伟大的团队精神——来认识一下 PRIVILÈGE 的制造者。

Marc Lombard - 1885 年起担任造船工程师


Marc Lombard 是一位与 Privilège 具有历史渊源的著名建筑师,他经常与 PRIVILÈGE MARINE 团队就研究、开发和服务进行沟通。Marc Lombard 历史上曾专注于赛艇,是第一家整合流体动力学专家的造船工程事务所。因此,他的团队设计了一些全球最著名的游艇项目,如 Orma 60Class 40Imoca 60IRC Mini Transat

1985 年以来,Marc Lombard 一直担任 Privilège 的首席设计师,特别关注船主的个性化喜好:“在过去的 30 多年里,我一直驾驶 Privilège 并以 Privilège 之梦为生。每一艘 Privilège 的设计和建造均将适航与舒适、奢华和快乐相结合,是真正的海上杰作。”

Franck Darnet - 设计师


Franck Darnet 无疑是全球最著名的豪华酒店以及定制游艇室内设计师之一。在每一艘 Privilège 上都能发现他的精巧设计,让 Privilège 成为当下最优雅的多体船。


Demolding XXL

First hull of the Privilège Signature 580 is released!


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After two years of successful cooperation of HanseYachts AG in Greifswald and the luxury catamaran shipyard Privilège in France, the dealer network of...


Personal coaching in paradise

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A wonderful time just came to an end – unique memories were established, new personal relations were built and individual experiences were made.


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The Privilège 510 Signature << D-light >> embodies technological excellence combining velocity and high-tech comfort.


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