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Follow the call - BOOT Düsseldorf 2020

Distinctive design and expressive appearance - FJORD yachts attract attention on land and sea. Four spectacular FJORD models await you at boot...

FJORD 44 coupé is finalist at the Motorboat Awards 2020

Category: Sportscruisers over 40 feet

New dealer for Greece

We are happy to welcome our new dealer in Greece! First Quality Yachts International Ltd is centrally located in Athens and has a strong distribution...

A highlight of the Cannes Yachting Festival: the FJORD 40 open 650 Speedster.

In the legendary marina of Cannes our high-performance Special Edition awaits you: the 650 Speedster.

FJORD presents model offensive previous the Cannes Yachting Festival

The powerboat brand FJORD presents the new FJORD 38 open as well as extensive novelties on the FJORD 38 express and the FJORD 52 open in the run-up of...

MyFjord Safety CloudUniquely innovative. Better service. More security.

Live data

Real time information

Through your smartphone or via the Owner’s Area on the website.
With Boat Monitoring, eLogBook and eServiceBook you can track your yacht, automatically keep a logbook and never miss a service interval. And that's not all. Further smart apps are planned together with Sentinel Marine Solutions, the market leader in networked boat technology.

Perfectly networked

The cloud for your Fjord yacht

All new Fjord yachts are delivered from the shipyard with the MyFjord Safety Cloud hardware already installed. It is connected to the on-board electronics and communicates worldwide via mobile phone networks. If you are offshore, the data is stored and immediately processed when a mobile signal returns. No data is lost.

For older Fjord yachts, a retrofit package is available via the web shop or from your dealer.

Boat monitoring

Live broadcast

Smart boat monitoring guarantees you as the owner full access to your key data - at any time and from anywhere.
Functions such as position and collision messages, motion and anchor alarms as well as ground fault and bilge alarms reliably inform you whether everything is well on board.
A push message also tells you when the weather changes, the tank needs to be filled or the battery charged.
If the yacht is chartered, the skipper can also log into the system via a guest account.


Stress free

Enjoy the majesty of the ocean and don't spare a thought for the logbook. The eLogBook automatically logs every mile travelled. It records your ground track, course and position and archives the information. You can access it at any time - for travel documentation, perhaps, or in the case of an insurance claim when the course of events has to be reconstructed.


Always up to date

How many engine hours are on the clock? When was the last oil change? And when were the seacocks and anodes checked? The eServiceBook calculates all the service intervals for every part installed on the yacht.
If something needs servicing, you will be reminded via push message on your smartphone and can arrange a service appointment with your dealer directly via the app.

The service book is always up to date and your yacht is kept in mint sale condition.


尊敬的Fjord業主,如果您已經是Fjord自豪的擁有者,您可以在業主的區域註冊!您會發現各種有趣的信息,從技術文檔和規格到電纜圖和模型的詳細圖紙 你的峽灣的一年。



五十年代末,在德国的某个地方举办的船展上:Alf Richard Bjerke 的所见所闻令其印象深刻。让他着迷的,除了英国和地中海的造船业传统,还有新材料 - 玻璃纤维增强塑料 (GFRP)。在 Bjerke 心里,一个想法日渐成熟,而世界也在等待另一种造船文化:挪威人的造船文化。如同维京人一样顽强、可靠、诚实、适航和强壮。他们的名字是:FJORD。1960 年,Alf Bjerke 和 Finn B. Roer 创办了 Fjord Plast 公司,并且 Jan Herrmann Linge 以产品开发人员的身份加入了该团队。


这三个挪威人用 Fjordling 瞬间奠定了时代的主旋律。其后续船型也让船迷们纷至沓来。FJORD 迅速壮大,并在七十年代初期,遥遥领先于所有欧洲机动游艇制造厂。公司产品涵盖各种船型系列:敞式的 Weekender、宽敞的 Cabin Cruiser 或运动型的 Dolphin 游艇。轿车式的旗舰船甚至建成了驾驶桥楼的型式。


在八十年代末,FJORD 提出了一个新概念:Terne - 即 GFRP 船,具有经典、优雅的木质船形外观。它配备独特的舷窗和大型驾驶舱,使得敞式小游艇迅速成为斯堪的纳维亚造船文化的缩影。借助 Terne,FJORD 首次完全专注于高端客户群体。21 至 28 英尺长的船型设计非常独特,非常注重细节 - 可满足不同人的特殊要求。


千禧年之后,提出新愿景的时机已成熟。FJORD 保留了传统的斯堪的纳维亚风格,并进一步打造阳光下的完美体验。公司与国际伙伴开展高层次合作,推出了了具有开放式布局和室外储藏室的新型设计。Patrick Banfield 融入了伊比沙岛的“乐享人生”秘诀,为 HanseYachts 带来了先进的制造技术。由此,铸就了最卓越的动力船,配备最强大的引擎、最优雅的设计以及最好的质量 – 德国造。